Facilitating Accommodations

The Disability Resource Center approves accommodations for students based on an interactive on-going process with students to meet their individual needs. Students must request individual accommodation letters to be sent for each course to their instructors to notify them of their approved accommodations. Below is detailed information and procedures associated with the accommodations for students to follow. If faculty have questions about facilitating accommodations within their courses, they should contact the DRC at accommodations@ufsa.ufl.edu.

How Does Universal Design Address Barriers?

For each student, barriers can differ from one course to another. Universal Design principles proactively address academic barriers. You can do that by designing flexible lessons and learning environments rather than trying to “fix” or change a student. The goal of Universal Design is to use a variety of teaching methods to remove any barriers to learning and give all students equal opportunities to succeed. It’s about building in flexibility that can be adjusted for every student’s strengths and needs.

Academic Accommodations

Testing Accommodations

If you have any questions or concerns about facilitating these testing accommodations, please contact the Testing Office at DRCTesting@ufsa.ufl.edu or visit our Accommodated Testing: Instructors page for more information.

Assistive Technology