Request a Presentation or consultation

The Disability Resource Center offers presentations and consultations upon request. These options are a great way to show your commitment to access at UF. Please review the options below and make your selection in the form below.

Presentations: The DRC offers presentations to students, faculty, and staff on topics such as an overview of DRC services and processes, how to create an accessible environment for students with disabilities,  and the importance of Universal  Design.

Consultations: Often our campus partners seeking to address barriers in their events, programs, or services, have questions about what solutions might be most beneficial. The DRC can consult on individual questions and ideas around accessibility. For example, this could include dialoguing with our staff on how to make learning environments (online and in-person) more accessible to students with disabilities.

If you are an instructor and have a specific question about how to meet the needs of a student with a disability in your course, please call the DRC at 352-392-8565. We welcome your questions and look forward to conversations on enhancing access at UF.