Student Success Resources

The Disability Resource Center has a variety of resources available to UF students with disabilities. To find out more about these resources, you can schedule a follow-up appointment with your Accessibility Specialist. Please visit our DRC Appointment for more information about how your Accessibility Specialist can support you and to schedule an appointment.

UF has a wealth of resources available to students with disabilities outside of the DRC, for more information visit our Campus Resources page.

Career Development

For more information on internship resources, recruitment programs, and workplace accommodations, please visit our Career Development page.

Student Resource Guide

Discovering resources can seem daunting. Search for campus wide resources by visiting

Study Abroad

For more information on study abroad accommodations procedures, resources, and future opportunities, please visit our Study Abroad page.

Entrance Exams

For further guidance surrounding entrance and professional third party exam accommodation procedures, please visit our Entrance Exams page.