Housing Accommodations

The University of Florida champions to meet the needs of every student who wishes to live on campus. The University of Florida collaborates with the Department of Housing and Residence Life to work on Housing Accommodations throughout all residence halls on campus.

Students who wish to request accommodated housing consideration and emotional support animal based on a disability, can do so through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Specific medical documentation will be required from your physician to support the request. Students must complete the  Pre-registration form  and upload the documentation when requesting housing and/or academic accommodations. The DRC will provide the Department of Housing and Residence Life with the recommended accommodations, based on documentation. After receiving this information, the housing staff will reach out to the student with any questions.

Please read UF’s policies regarding emotional support animals on campus and in Residence Halls. Please note: Emotional support animals are allowed in campus residence halls only, and not in other campus facilities. Only trained service animals are allowed in campus buildings.

Please contact  accommodations@ufsa.ufl.edu  with Housing in the subject line , if you have any questions.

Cypress Hall

Cypress Hall is a fully inclusive universally designed Residence Hall at the University of Florida. The unique design was meant to provide a fully accessible living space for students to have an all-encompassing University of Florida experience. Cypress Hall provides an opportunity for students with various diagnosis or disabilities who may not have been able to independently live on a college campus. Students with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, or other ambulatory physical mobility impairments find ease and access living in Cypress Hall. Students living on campus that have physical mobility impairments and need assistants with day to day living may require a Personal Care Attendant. Cypress Hall at the University of Florida is one of two in the nation with a Sure Hands lift system in a Residence Hall, but the only that is a top ten research institution.

Cypress Hall offers a wide range of room styles including Single Rooms, Double Rooms, and Super Suites.

Personal Care Attendants

Students that need assistance in daily activities may require a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). PCAs provide support in daily needs such as grooming, personal hygiene, and toileting. PCA are coordinated and hired by the student. In encouraging students to foster independent living skills, a student will be responsible for identifying, hiring, training, supervising, and funding his/her personal care attendant(s), as needed. The Disability Resource Center works with Special Friends Care, Inc. to provide access for our students who wish to live on campus and need a Personal Care Attendant.

While the University of Florida is not responsible for providing personal care assistance, the following support will be offered by the Disability Resource Center:

  • The Vocational Rehabilitation’s School to Work Transition Program
  • 35 Universally Designed ADA rooms are available on the first floor.

  • allows for students to have independent transportation in their room.

  • Are available in elevators.

  • Zero entry showers, grab bars, a shower bench, adjustable sinks, and a bidet are available in every universally designed room.

  • Area desks never close for 24/7 support.

  • Remote control access of the door, doorbell, blinds, and lights.

  • GatorLift provides accessible transportation around UF’s campus.

  • In the event of an emergency, an accessible ramp is available to the first floor.

  • Mailboxes, package lockers, and vending machines are at accessible heights.