About Us

The Disability Resource Center works with over 4,500 Gators with disabilities. We go beyond access, remove barriers, and engage with faculty and staff to promote an inclusive campus community for all.


The Disability Resource Center celebrates disability identity as a valued aspect of diversity. We champion a universally accessible community that supports the holistic advancement of students with disabilities.


We envision a universally inclusive community where all individuals are seen as valued and contributing leaders of society.


We collaborate with campus partners to facilitate access for students with disabilities through providing:

  • Accessibility consulting
  • Academic accommodations
  • Education on disability inclusion

Our History

Prior to 1973, students with disabilities attended the University of Florida in small numbers and were served one-on-one by various campus offices. Initial efforts to provide comprehensive services were a result of a graduate student group in the Rehabilitation Counseling Department. This small group of students provided an initial accessibility survey of University buildings, and established the groundwork for what would become the current Disability Resource Center. In 2002, the Office for Students with Disabilities changed its name to Disability Resources. Four years later, in 2006, after Reid Hall’s basement was renovated, Disability Resources moved from Peabody Hall and changed its name to the Disability Resource Center (DRC).


Proud to Be Part of a Silver-Certified Sustainable Workplace

Green Recognition for Office & Workspaces (GROW) is a program through the Office of Sustainability at the University of Florida that encourages and promotes sustainable practices among university faculty and staff. The program supports and promotes office that are taking steps towards reducing their environmental footprint. The Disability Resource Center was recognized with a SILVER certification through the GROW program in October of 2020.