Accommodated Testing: Instructors

The Disability Resouce Center testing office is dedicated to providing resources to instructors for  accessible testing. We encourage instructors to facilitate testing accommodations in the student’s typical learning environment (such as in-class or online) whenever possible.

Students who are unable to test in their typical learning environment can schedule in-person testing with our office through the G-ATR Testing Portal. As a best practice, please provide the instructions for your exams in our G-ATR Testing Portal at the beginning of each semester. You will be notified if one of your students requests to complete their exam at the Disability Resouce Center.

Using the G-ATR Portal

The Gator-Accommodated Test Request (G-ATR) portal is our designed to assist instructors in facilitating exams for students testing in our office. Once a student has sent you their accommodation letter and it has been determined that the student will test in our office, you will need to submit test instructions and materials into the portal. Our office will work with you and the student in ensuring that the exams are scheduled and administered according to your instructions. As a best practice, please provide the instructions for your exams at the beginning of each semester. It is important to note, students are unable to submit their Accommodated Test Request (ATR) if the test instructions and materials have not been uploaded to the portal.

Instructors can use G-ATR to:

  • Provide Instructions for the upcoming tests and/or quizzes
  • Upload exam materials and aides
  • Approve/Deny a student's Accommodated Test Request (ATR)
  • View and manage student accommodation letters
  • Add a proxy to their course to manage text requests on their behalf
  • Use the email notifications feature to communicate with the DRC or your student about an ATR

G-ATR Video Tutorials

Providing Test Instructions
Uploading Testing Material

Managing Student Information & Viewing Accommodation Letters

Adding a Proxy

The University of Florida and the Disability Resource Center has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating.

Each testing room is monitored by closed circuit surveillance cameras. If a student is seen with unauthorized materials or devices, we will take a note of the incident and provide you, the instructor a detailed incident report. The consequences of academic dishonesty are left up to you, the instructor.

Students should submit their Accommodation Letter to you if they intend to utilize accommodations in your course. The accommodation letter contains a list of accommodations that have been approved for the student by our office.

  • Students with in-person courses or paper-based exams who cannot receive their accommodations in their typical learning environment are able to schedule an in-person exam at the DRC through the G-ATR Testing Portal.
  • You should submit your test instructions and allowable aids to the G-ATR portal as soon as it has been determined that the student will be taking their exam at the DRC Testing Office. As best practice, we recommend uploading all exams and instructions at the beginning of the semester.
  • You can view of list of students with testing accommodations in the G-ATR Testing Portal and selecting the “Students” tab.
  • Students must submit Accommodated Test Requests (ATR) at least 4 business days (M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) prior to the date of the exam.
    • Note: Students are unable to submit an Accommodated Test Request if the instructor has not provided test instructions into the portal.
  • All paper-copy exam materials must be uploaded into the G-ATR Testing Portal at least 2 business days (M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) prior to the date and time of the exam.
    • If your student requires assistive technology and alternate formats, please upload the materials at least 3 business days in advance of the test. Instructors will receive a “nudge” notification from our Testing Office regarding missing materials and exams that still need to be approved or denied.
  • ATR’s are required regardless of exam format or duration. If a student does not submit an ATR or if test instructions are not provided, our office will not reserve a testing space for the student.
  • You do not need to calculate a student's extended time in G-ATR, only add the duration of the exam and G-ATR will calculate the extended time based on the duration. Extended time will still need to be added for Canvas online exams.
  • If you have students in your online course that would like to reserve a space on campus to take their exam, you may refer them to contact the DRC Testing Office to discuss alternate testing locations. These options are limited to DRC-designated online proctoring booths at Library West.



If you have any questions email us at or call our office at (352) 392-8565 (Option 2).