Accommodated Testing: Instructors

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Each semester, follow the simple checklist below to ensure all of your responsibilities are completed.


  • Receive updated accommodation letter from student that reflects current semester
  • Discuss accommodations with student
  • Log into testing portal to create a contract for your course
  • Wait for contract to be approved by the DRC
  • Once approved, DRC students may submit their “ATR” (Accommodated Test Request)
  • Requests will be submitted to the instructors for approval
  • Exam materials are uploaded to the portal, emailed, or dropped off at the DRC
All students registered with the DRC are encouraged to communicate with their instructors about their classroom and testing accommodations. If a student has testing accommodations, we ask that they speak with you about how and where those accommodations will take place. Our office believes that often times being accommodated in the classroom is the best environment for the student to test in. However, we understand that it is not always feasible or the right environment. If you and the student decide that testing at the DRC is the best option, you must create a testing contract with the DRC in order to allow the student to submit their requests and provide accurate proctoring information to our Testing Center.

We strongly recommend that you take time to review our FAQs page below before having students test with the DRC.

The testing contract is submitted by instructors at the beginning of the semester and contains all pertinent course information (such as exam dates, allowable materials, and proctoring instructions) and allows DRC students to submit their exam requests in the student portal. Students are unable to test with our office until you create a contract.


We suggest that you create a contract for the student as soon as you receive and discuss their accommodations. More information regarding electronic delivery and pick-up of exams, timeframes, and types of testing can be found on the “Contract” and “Resources” Tab within the Testing Contract portal. Click the button below to begin.

The DRC follows the UF Student Honor Code and Conduct Code. We strive to ensure that exams are proctored correctly and monitored for Honor Code violations. In the event of a suspected Honor Code violation, we will provide all relevant information to the instructor following the exam. It isĀ up to your discretion to decide the next course of action.