The note services accommodation provides DRC students with access to accessible course notes through a peer note-taking system.

Instructors seeking information regarding note services for students in their course should review our Direct Note Services: Instructors page for more information.

How does Direct Note Services (DNS) work?
  • Students are able to receive notes directly from note taker
  • Notes are sent directly after lecture to the student
  • DRC students can use note taking technology to supplement their notes
What is the process to sign up for DNS?

DRC students with an approved accommodation for note services should complete the DNS Note Recipients Form. If a note taker has already been selected for the course, the DRC will connect the note taker with the note recipient. If a note taker has not yet registered, the DRC student should work with their instructor to identify a note taker for the course. Instructors can refer to the Information for Instructors section below for additional guidance.

Once a note taker is selected, they should complete the DNS Note Taker Form. Note takers must register with DRC to receive incentive. Once approved, they will be provided with the email address for the note recipient. Note takers should send their notes directly to the note recipient. You MUST keep note recipient information confidential at all times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the DRC Note Service office:
Phone Number: 352-392-8565

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