Three students in the Plaza of the America at the Accessibility Expo

Learn about our outstanding student groups:

  • Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society is an honor society founded to recognize high-achieving college students with disabilities.
  • Disability Ambassadors promote accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment of disability identity through student-led education and outreach efforts.
  • Pioneering Access Ceremony During the Pioneering Access Ceremony the DRC celebrates graduating DRC students and Pioneering Access Award recipients.
  • Rising Scholars Rising Scholars is a nine week transition program for students new to UF or the DRC, and/or new to their disability. Students will learn about success strategies, career readiness, disability identity, wellness, and more.
  • Employment Opportunities The DRC hires student assistants for roles as an Educational Assistant, Testing Proctors, Front Desk, Assistive Technology, and Note Services. Additionally, the DRC has a graduate assistant and practicum students opportunities.
  • SOCIAL Gators (Student Opportunities for Career, Independent, and Academic Life) is a program for UF degree-seeking students who identify as having autism spectrum disorder and want to enhance this skills for a more enriching college experience. The group is also open to other students with disabilities who may experience difficulty connecting with others and struggle establishing interpersonal relationships.
  • Study Abroad Students with disabilities who wish to study abroad can work with our office to help discuss accommodations internationally.