The Disability Resource Center is committed to ensuring our campus is accessible and inclusive to students with disabilities. We love to hear student feedback about ways to enhance our services and support disability inclusion across campus.

If you have concerns about reasonable accommodations, we encourage you to first communicate directly with your Learning Specialist.

If after engaging with your Learning Specialist you still believe that you have not received reasonable accommodations, please contact the Assistant Dean & Director of the DRC, Gerry Altamirano. Gerry will work with you and your Learning Specialist to best resolve any access related issue.

For information about ADA compliance and complaint related inquiries, please contact Dr. Russ Froman, Assistant Vice President for ADA and Title IX.

If there are architectural or facilities barriers that you’ve encountered, please complete the ADA form. If you have questions or concerns about general campus accessibility (e.g. access to campus facilities), please contact the ADA Compliance Office located at 916 Newell Drive by calling 352-392-1591.