SOCIAL Gators Application

SOCIAL Gators (Student Opportunities for Career, Independent, and Academic Life) is a support program for UF students with autism spectrum disorder who want to enhance their skills for a more enriching college experience. A collaborative effort between the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD), the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC), and the Disability Resource Center (DRC), we focus on developing skills in social interaction, independent living, career seeking, and academics through the provision of four services: mentors, weekly group meetings, academic counseling, and an online course. As a SOCIAL Gator you agree to participate in all components of the program. It is the expectation that you are a currently enrolled UF student, will be registered with both the DRC and UF/CARD, and will complete releases of information to facilitate communication between the UF/CARD, CWC, DRC, your professors, and parents as needed.
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