The Disability Ambassadors group (formerly known as the Ambassadors for Disability Awareness), is excited to announce their recruitment of students for the Spring 2019 semester! In addition to planning a Disability and the Arts Expo in the spring, the group will continue to work on efforts to reduce disability stigma and empower students of all abilities. The group is recruiting 16 ambassadors for the spring semester.

What are Disability Ambassadors?

The Disability Ambassadors are a diverse group of students working to promote accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment of disability identity. The group promotes disability as a valued aspect of diversity through student-led education and outreach efforts.

Why Should I Get Involved?

Ambassadors will develop communication, presentation, public-speaking, networking, and leadership skills. Ambassadors develop knowledge and experiences which will be beneficial for personal growth and their journey at UF.

Ambassadors will participate in monthly leadership and training opportunities, which will be hosted on topics such as understanding the Social Justice Model of Disability, Leveraging Disability as Strength, and Confronting Ableism on Campus. Ambassadors will also create and lead accessibility focused programming each semester which aims to educate the campus community on topics such as disability identity and accessibility.

Do I need any qualifications or experience?

There is a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5. We are looking for students who want to create positive campus change, who have a positive attitude, motivation, and enthusiasm!

How do I become an ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, you are required to submit an application (below). Following selection, you will be required to attend a 1/2 day weekend training. This will give you important information to support you in your role as a Disability Ambassador. You will also be asked to participate in various events run by the DRC, where you may be asked to share your student voice and inform students, faculty, and staff about your experiences as a UF student, your education, and your university live. There will be several opportunities so you can find ones that best fit into your schedule.

Applications for the Spring 2019 semester are currently closed.