utilizes artificial intelligence to “generate rich notes for meetings, interviews, lectures, and other important voice conversations.” This transcription software can meet the access needs of those who experience barriers with taking notes, concentration, visual and auditory processing, studying, and more.

Students can use the mobile app or Zoom integration feature for: note-taking,
research interviews, brainstorming ideas, student organization meeting minutes, advisor appointment notes, and collaborating with peers for studying or projects.

Instructors can use, too! This tool is great for: transcripts of lectures for closed
captioning, reviewable lecture notes for exam creation questions, student notes, exam
reviews, and studying. Zoom Integration

Benefits of

  • Supplement notes taken during lectures
  • Provides greater independence and note taking autonomy
  • Improves learning outcomes by providing access to lecture information
  • Edit or adjust the transcription without having to use another application
  • Highlight sections of transcription for later review
  • Provides a written record of discussion for fast-paced meetings or appointments
  • Shareable link for students to have audio recording and transcript for notes, exam reviews, studying
  • Reduces the need for note-takers
  • Take notes on the transcript to elaborate for students post-lecture
  • Multi-user capabilities for students to take notes together on the content