Receiving your accommodations

Requesting your accommodation letter

Students will need a current accommodation letter each semester in order to receive academic accommodations in your courses. During your initial appointment, your Learning Specialist will print your letter and email it to you. After the first semester with the DRC, students are responsible for requesting their current accommodation letter by submitting an Accommodation Letter Request.

Communicating with Professors

In order to receive academic accommodations, students are responsible for submitting a current accommodation letter to the professor in each course. This should be an interactive conversation between the student and the instructor about the course requirements and the specific accommodations that the student anticipates utilizing in that course.

Things to consider when discussing accommodations:
  • Students must provide ample notification of requested accommodations to their professors.
  • Courses that are created with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Principles are both accessible and usable for a broad audience and, therefore, minimize the need for accommodations.
  • Reasonable accommodations cannot fundamentally alter essential course or degree requirements.