How has the Disability Resource Center impacted your academic success at the University of Florida?

I am a senior Journalism student at UF registered with the DRC. The DRC supported me as I completed the medically drop process from a class when I was feeling overwhelmed due to my diagnosis. It was extremely intimidating to go through the process of applying for a medical withdraw due to my specific illness, but my learning specialist was more than helpful. The DRC has had a positive impact on my academic success.
What advice do you have for students with a disability who are not registered with the Disability Resource Center?

I did not know about the DRC when I first started UF. It has helped save me from failure. My advice is to find a good friend to go with and REGISTER ASAP if you feel the need to do so. Even if you don’t, it’s an amazing safety net I have learned to love and use. The learning specialists have been useful, helpful and supportive as well as encouraging.

What is one piece of knowledge you would like share with current or future Gators with a disability?

You’re not alone. Every gator counts. Go gators!