Updates for Students and Instructors

Welcome back, Gators! The DRC would like to share important information about accommodations and services during Spring 2021. Please read the FAQ below. If you have unique questions, you can also reach us at accommodations@ufsa.ufl.edu.

Yes! Current students can schedule a meeting with their Learning Specialist by visiting the Appointments’ page.

New students can complete a pre-registration form to get started with our office.

Students enrolled in courses that will be in person and require paper-based exams may test at the DRC. Refer to our Accommodated Testing: Students and Accommodated Testing: Instructors pages for more information about receiving testing accommodations online.
The DRC is following the guidelines set forth by the University to maintain a safe learning environment. Per UF policy, all students are required to wear a face covering when coming to the DRC. Learning Specialists have arranged offices to allow social distancing during appointments. Zoom appointments are available for students who do not wish to come in person.
Testing Online Accommodations: Students should notify their online proctor immediate if their accommodations are not provided from their instructor.

Internet Speed: Use the UF speed test website to check correct connectivity prior to taking your exams. Use the following links to check your computer’s compatibility with Honorlock and Proctor U.

Honorlock Support
Proctor U Test It Out

Testing environment: Discuss any upcoming exams with your roommates to be sure you will have a testing environment free of distractions for your exams.

The reasonability of an accommodation is determined by the parameters set by our experts in the field. In the case of COVID-19, our health and medical experts give guidance around the scientific evidence that shows wearing face coverings significantly slows the spread of COVID-19. As such, this guidance and the best interest of the health and safety of the full campus community informs university policies around face coverings. As such, not wearing a face covering due to a disability related reason is not considered a reasonable accommodation. If a student is unable to wear a face covering due to a disability, the DRC will engage in an interactive process to determine appropriate accommodations that will facilitate access to programs and services, such as remote learning. For more information please visit our COVID-19 Temporary Adjustments page.
The DRC continues to provide services to our students. The DRC has virtual meeting appointment rooms for students to utilized when meeting with their Learning Specialist.

Students can also consult our Online Learner Guide, which provides helpful tips for academic success in the online environment.

The Disability Resource Center gathered several resources for enhancing online learning onto one quick Online Accessibility Guide sheet. Also, faculty can request access to participate on the Otter.ai pilot to provide real-time artificial intelligence based transcription for note-taking, studying, and more. Faculty are encouraged to email the Disability Resource Center to discuss specific student access needs at accommodations@ufsa.ufl.edu.