Mckenzie Johnson

April 05, 2017

I consider myself extremely fortunate as a student to have UF’s Disability Resource Center available as a resource and advocate. The staff and advisors are so knowledgeable and friendly.

Registering here has greatly impacted my success, on both personal and academic levels. By receiving the accommodations I need, I feel I am prepared and ready to focus on my studies. The DRC takes care of the details, you just initiate the conversation and from there you’re a part of the family! This has relieved my stress and given me the confidence to not let my disability get in the way of my goals at this University.

The DRC definitely promotes health equity and inclusion. I’d highly recommend seeking its services and guidance. There is no shame or reason not to if you qualify! Current and future Gators should feel assured that our disability resource center will take care of you, always having your best interest in mind. As a first year, the assistance I’ve received here has made my transition to college much easier.

Office: Room 001 Reid Hall
Phone: 352-392-8565