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Below is general information on how classroom/lecture accommodations are applied in an online setting. Please feel free to contact the learning specialist listed at the bottom of a student’s accommodation letter if you have any questions. You can also reach us at For information regarding facilitating testing accommodations please visit our website for our FAQs or contact

Out of Class Time Extensions

Out of class time extension in the online setting is typically utilized when a student has less than seven days to access/work on their assignments. However, our office recognizes that there may be extenuating circumstances that prohibit students from completing assignments that have been open for seven or longer days. Students can reach out to their learning specialist if they are experiencing barriers.

Advance Access to Syllabus, Assignments, and Deadlines

With the transition to online learning, instructors may be delayed in opening assignments in advance via Canvas. Instructors can receive help from the Center for Teaching Excellence if the syllabus changes, students should work with instructors to discuss how this will impact their accommodations. Students can contact their learning specialist for support.


During this transition period, note services may be facilitated differently online. If instructors utilize Zoom meetings, they will be able to record and save the lecture. The recorded lecture can be added to the Canvas shell so that students can review and take notes at their own pace. If a student is approved with a note-taker, note-takers may still be able to view lectures and share their notes with the student. For more information on the process for sending and receiving notes or alternatives to note services, please visit our note services page. If instructors will not utilize online lectures and instead assign readings, then note-taking may not be an applicable accommodation. Students can contact their learning specialist for questions on this accommodation.

Health Related Absences

In some online classes, attendance may not be required or recorded. This accommodation will depend on the context of the course and how the instructor facilitates online learning. If the instructor holds synchronous Zoom meetings and they have a student with approved health related absences, the instructor should record the Zoom meeting and upload to Canvas so the student can view the lecture at a time when the student does not experience health-related symptoms.

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