Work with the Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center at the University of Florida is committed to creating a culture of inclusion for students with disabilities. We believe that through a collective approach to access, we can proactively create inclusive opportunities for all to participate. We are seeking individuals who share our vision. If you are passionate about inclusion, diversity, equity, and access, then we hope you will explore the opportunities below:

Available Opportunities

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The Assistant Director for Testing and Note Services manages the day-to-day functions for the Disability Resource Center’s accommodated testing operation. They develop and update services, policies and procedures in response to testing demands. They schedule exams and maintain the integrity of the testing environment as well as individual exams.

A message from the Director

Thank you for considering applying for an employment opportunity within the Disability Resource Center. In my tenure at the University of Florida I have been able to witness our students, faculty and staff breathe life into our campus community. I’ve learned that being a Gator means having an intrinsic drive to succeed, a passion for serving one another, and a willingness to challenge ourselves. As the Assistant Dean and Director of the DRC, I am eager to share my passion for serving underrepresented communities with you, I am excited to collaborate on opportunities that will aid in the advancement of individuals with disabilities in higher education. My educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that an accessible and equitable education is a civic right that should be afforded to all individuals. We must work together to champion efforts that increase accessibility, both in the classroom and across campus. We must frame disability in an inclusive paradigm that celebrates diverse embodiments and disability culture. Together, we can make an impact…The Future is Accessible. Join us! -Gerry Altamirano, Assistant Dean & Director

“As a staff member, it has been my pleasure to interact and serve the smartest and most determined students on campus.

"Working at the DRC allows me to give back to students, faculty, and staff by helping to facilitate access.

“Empowering students to embrace their diverse identities, including disability, supports them to create positive change on campus.

“There is nothing better than working with the Gator Nation every day to build a culture of inclusion!

“I enjoy supporting each student through facilitating their access needs and championing their successes during their University of Florida experience.

"I love working in the DRC because I get to serve amazing students, faculty, and staff! It is my honor to work alongside these individuals to increase accessibility, inclusivity, and equity within the Gator Nation.

Student Employment Opportunities

Front Desk Assistant

Front Desk Assistant

Front Desk Student Assistants are responsible for scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, responding to emails, greeting and checking-in visitors, and uploading documentation.

Technology and Note Services Assistant

Educational Assistant

Educational Assistants assist students in the classroom environment to help with access and assist with homework outside of the classroom.

Testing Proctor

Testing Proctor

Testing Proctors implement Testing Office policies and procedures while proctoring accommodated exams, maintaining exam security, and assisting with general inquiries.